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Accountancy, A Tailored Accounting Service Just For Contractors

Contractors are the lifeblood of Gateway Accountancy Services and our Limited Company Accountancy service reflects this.

Limited Company Accountancy is our service for independent workers that wish to have a company. It allows you to develop a brand and a legal entity that contains all your professional finances in one place, separate from your personal affairs

We typically recommend Limited Company Accountancy to individuals that work on long-term contracts for a minimum of 6-9 months, and want to manage their finances in a tax efficient and compliant manner. It allows you to maximise your income and take home as much as 85% of your Gross Earnings by paying yourself via dividends as well as a salary.

Gateway Accountancy Services, support you with our dedicated accountants who only work with contract workers, so can offer specialist advice on managing your finances.

We have packages tailored to provide you with everything you need to manage your invoicing, payroll and tax affairs with minimum stress and admin. We provide insurance and employee benefits packages and to give you flexibility and control, we also provide you with an online portal to help manage your finances 24 hours a day.

What's included?


How does our Limited Company Accountancy service work?

Our Limited Company Accountancy service involves us setting up Company on your behalf at Companies House. You will be a statutory director of this company and invoice clients for work using your company. This service also requires a separate business bank account, to separate your work and personal finances.

When you become a Limited Company Accountancy client of Gateway Accountancy Services, we will assign you a dedicated accountant from our team of specialists, who work with you as your trusted adviser. They will provide you with personal advice on all matters pertaining to running your company. Most importantly they ensure you maximise your take-home income through salary and dividends while minimising any tax liabilities.

Ideal for Limited Company Contractors

One monthly plan that covers everything you'll need!
£ 79
  • Annual accounts
  • Completion and submission of your personal tax return
  • Completion and submission of your company tax return
  • Submission of your company accounts to HMRC
  • Formation of your own limited company
  • Discussion of the most tax efficient structure for you
  • Registration for all company and personal taxes
  • Registration for the flat rate VAT scheme
  • Dealing with the outgoing accountant and file transfer
  • Migration of your online data to our portal or migrate to FreeAgent account
  • Operation of the payroll with payslips
  • Submission of RTI to HMRC
  • Calculation of PAYE amounts due
  • Issue and file forms P14, P60 and P35
  • Calculate and advise on Class 1a NIC
  • Prepare and file the company’s annual return
  • Advise Companies House of any changes
  • Calculation of quarterly VAT liabilities
  • Online submission of VAT returns
  • Unlimited advice and support
  • Dedicated account controller including their direct email
  • Deal with general HMRC correspondence
  • Access to our award winning accounts software
  • Regular tax planning health checks
  • Swift response to all queries
  • Informal IR35 reviews

What do we ask from you?