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Managing Cost & Risk

We specialise in managing employment related administrative tasks, including payroll, compliance, contracts and employee benefit administration.

Our expertise lies in working with businesses with complex employment situations consisting of a mixture of full-time, temporary and flexible workers.

Managing Payroll

Our Payroll Management service is capable of administering payroll for small or large volumes of workers across different work and pay arrangements – whether employed, self-employed, shift workers or contractors.

We understand the demands of different arrangements and can cover the end-to-end process of on-boarding workers, including everything from contracts, compliance (DBS, right-to-work, CSCS licenses etc), on-boarding and time-sheets.

For contract workers, we can take into account non-conventional payroll issues such as management of working week, standard working hours, rest & break periods and overtime rules.

Managing Compliance

For sectors and organisations that operate with strict guidelines relating to compliance and suitability of workers, we have a tailored Compliance Management solution to help you process these time-intensive tasks more easily. We provide a full service to manage compliance across your workforce, including;